10 Reasons You Should Join Our Community Of Proud Specialists Aged Care Nurses

  1. Because of our success and continual growth, we are always looking to grow our team of exceptionally skilled aged care nurses. As we have preferred supplier status with over 300 facilities including residential care and community service providers, there is a constant stream of work coming through to the agency – in fact, we have more shifts than we can fill. Our excellent and established reputation means we are constantly asked to supply quality aged care nurses. This means your work opportunities are outstanding, with a wide range of positions, flexible jobs, shifts, and facilities for you to choose from —all offering above award pay rates.
  1. It’s no accident that we have industry-leading retention rates — over 60% of our staff have been with us for more than five years. This is because we offer a genuinely caring and supportive environment – our team personally know all our nurses and are understanding of your individual needs. We treat all our staff as an extension of our family and are proud of our long-term working We have an open and understanding management team. Any nurse can ask to speak to Heather or anyone else on our team about any issues or concerns they may have.
  1. We provide our nursing staff with clinical support personnel on call 24 hours a day. So if they are on a shift and an incident happens — even at night — you can call our office for advice and be speaking to an experienced RN in minutes.
  1. Because we know our nursing staff require flexibility and control over their working lives, we enable you to choose when and where you work. You choose to work only when you want to and only where you are happy to go to. We will never pressure you to work and we will only ever ask you to work in an aged care environment.
  1. We enable you to have an independent working life while belonging to a respected nursing community known for delivering exceptionally high standards of care. Our online community offer both networking and professional development opportunities, and are extremely popular with our nurses.
  1. We pay our nurses above award pay rates on a weekly basis.
  1. We offer on-the-job and in-house training, helping you to meet your continuing professional development requirements. We provide online education accredited by the Australian Nursing Federation. We also provide regular courses in CPR and First Aid, as well as training sessions on palliative, dementia, diabetic and wound care throughout the year.
  1. We offer buddy shifts to help nurses experiencing difficulties or looking for support on their first agency shift. We have 24/7 access to aged care specialist RNs who can support you over the phone. We can also send an RN to support you if you need help during a shift for any reason.
  1. We also have regular informal social gatherings, including barbecues, coffee catch ups and industry events – check out our news and events page for further details.
  1. Our electronic booking system helps our nurses keep on top of their competencies – you don’t need to watch their dates – we do this for you. We will also SMS details for any shift you are given, with an address, helping to simplify your busy lives.

Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about nursing jobs in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, please email us your details or call (07) 3720 9122 or (07) 5657 9022 and ask for one of our friendly recruitment team members, Pat, Sam or Janice. They will happily chat with you on a confidential basis – no strings attached.

And we’re always happy to welcome back anyone who may have worked with us before.